::: Democracy in America

An episodic collage made from the cacophonous jumble of ideas, opinions and attitudes floating in the American ether, Democracy in America is a continually shifting billboard advertising and animating the desires and dreams of the multitude. As a dynamic, interactive experiment in political performance, Democracy in America is not art about politics or ideology - instead, it is art made in a political way.


During phase 1, the consumers were the creators. Through an online store that was open from November 26 through February 29 2007, the public was invited to imagine and purchase the entire show - part and parcel - including the content. Any and all elements of what would be seen and experienced on stage were for sale. Shoppers submitted text, personal anecdotes, stories and jokes, physical or non-verbal actions, themes and concepts, and all elements of the design. One might've chosen to see a particular image or gesture, or performed a kiss, a dance, a cartwheel. Another may have chosen to buy a costume, a sound cue or a prop.

Then Annie Dorsen, working in collaboration with Okwui Okpokwasili, Philippa Kaye and Tony Torn, assembled the results.


A 4 dimensional collage made from the desires of the public, Democracy in America has been described as conceptual vaudeville and live channel-surfing. 


Concept and Direction: Annie Dorsen   

Performers/Collaboration: Philippa Kaye, Okwui Okpokwasili and Tony Torn

Video Design: Kate Howard

Lighting Design: Sarah Sidmon

Sound Design: Bart Fasbender

Dramaturgy: Katherine Profeta

::: screenings / performances

March 30 - April 20, 2008, PS122