::: I Miss

A girl (Miranda Torn) is prompted by her mother (LeeAnn Brown) in the recitation of an intensely romantic poem. In this meditation on cultural formation, language, and the notion of acting, we experience a widening split between words and their meanings. By turns the girl objectifies the words she speaks, latches on to a phrase she recognizes, or becomes uncertain in the face of a statement whose atmosphere she can sense, but cannot reach. I Miss allows us to see a process that is normally invisible, in which language precedes understanding and forms our identities without our participation


7' 30'', color, digital video, 2009
Girl: Miranda Torn
Voice: LeeAnn Brown
Camera: Julie Talen
Titles and Sound: Kate Howard

With thanks to: Tony Torn, Philippa Kaye

::: screenings / performances

Nantucket Film Festival, June 2009
New York Film Festival "Views From the Avant Garde," October 2009
South by Southwest Film Festival, March 2010
AFI (American Film Institute) Festival, November 2010